What is Awakening Day?

Neale explains his vision for Awakening Day:

June 12th invites you to a very special project!

I want to share with you that we have an opportunity with the Evolution Revolution if we choose to do so, to make a real impression on the world. It is time now. We don’t have to look any further than our internet computer screens or our morning paper (for those of us who still read newspapers) to see that the time has come for us to launch a revolution in the evolution of humanity.

As we have talked about in the book The Storm Before The Calm, we are in the midst of enormous shifting and changing in the world, and we are all seeking an answer to the world’s dilemmas and the world’s growing massive problems.

The challenges facing humanity are obvious and clear, but what is not obvious and clear to most people is the solution. It seems (at least to many people) as if there is no solution, that there is no approach that would be peaceful and effective. So I think it’s up to the conscious creators of the world, the spiritual leaders on this planet, to place a solution into the space of humanity’s awareness, and to announce what that solution is very specifically.

But our leaders — even our spiritual leaders, alas — by and large are not doing it, and they’re missing the point. They’re missing the real solution and talking all around it. The problem facing humanity today is not a political problem, it is not an economic problem, and it is not a military problem. The problem facing humanity today is a spiritual problem, and it can only be solved y spiritual means.

So I want to suggest to all of you that what we need to do is to raise the consciousness of our spiritual leaders, and of all the people of the earth, to the degree that we can — and that’s a larger degree than you might think, if we simply choose to take action and place ourselves at the forefront of the Evolution Revolution.

What is needed now is clearly a revolution in humanity’s thinking and a revolution in humanity’s approach. Not only its approach to solving its immediate problems, but its long-range approach to life itself — its approach to our scientific, our technological, our environmental, our educational and our societal interactions with each other.

I’m sure you all realize that in every area of human endeavor, we are failing… and failing miserably. The purpose of this statement is not to make everyone feel bad about the world today, but it is a call to invite all of you who are involved in this Evolution Revolution Action Group program; to decide to really stand up now and do something about it, specifically. So let me take a minute to just outline the nature of the problem.

Every system that we have put into place on this earth to make life better for us has not worked in doing that. In fact, every system has produced the opposite result.

Our political system — which was designed to bring all nations closer together in a place of peace and harmony and cooperation — has produced exactly the opposite.

Our economic system — which was produced to generate economic prosperity (or at least the opportunity to reach for it) and equality for all the people of the earth — has produced, in fact, exactly the opposite: a widening gap between the rich and the poor, not a closing of the gap. And nobody seems to care. Or if they do care, nobody seems to want to see if they can do anything about it.

Our educational system — which was designed to produce a higher level of understanding, wisdom, knowledge and education among more and more people of the world — has produced exactly the opposite. We have seen the “dumbing down” of human society in many, many ways.

Our environmental system — which we had created to sustain the world’s environment and create a sustainable ecology — has produced, in fact, exactly the opposite.

Our social systems — which were created to bring us, on a neighborhood basis and from person to person, closer together in greater peace and harmony — have, in fact, produced exactly the opposite.

And sadly, most important of all, our spiritual systems — which we imagined would bring us closer together through a greater closeness with God — has produced, in fact, exactly the opposite…generating a deep sense of separation between ourselves, as we insist on living in our Separation Theology.

This is a vivid demonstration that a Separation Theology produces, ultimately, a separation cosmology. That is, a cosmological way of looking at things which says that everything is separate from everything else. Interdependent, perhaps, but nevertheless separate from every other life form.

That general separation cosmology which grows out of a Separation Theology produces a separation psychology. That is, a psychological profile that allows human being to imagine that they are “other than” each other, and that they are living separate from each other and with separate needs, separate wants, separate desires and separate goals that they intend to follow and that they intend to reach, even if they have to hurt or damage other separate individuals in order to do so.

Such a separation psychology produces a separation sociology. Entire societies — nations, if you please — imagine themselves to be separate, one from the other.

And ultimately (as we have seen in recent days and months and throughout human history), separation sociology produces, sadly, a separation pathology — pathological behaviors of self-destruction.

All right. That’s my two-and-a half minute little speech. Now, what are we going to do about it? Are we just going to go, “Tisk-tisk,” you know… Too bad. “Neale’s right, he sees it clearly. Isn’t that sad? Wish we could do something about it.”

Or are we in fact going to use the power of our collective intention to begin to bring about change?

As I’ve said, the problem facing the world today is a spiritual problem, and only a spiritual solution will produce the outcomes for which humanity has yearned these many years.

Now, ladies and gentleman, that’s good news. Because that fact that this is a spiritual problem puts the solution squarely in our hands. That’s something that you and me, ordinary people, can impact. We don’t have to be chiefs-of-state, heads of religion, generals in any army or air force — just ordinary human beings. All the world’s people are searching for a spiritual solution. It’s just that nobody is putting it in front of them. That’s what we get to do, every month, all year long, on Awakening Day!

I am suggesting a day when every single person who is part of the Evolution Revolution will take action on their own, or as part of their Evolution Revolution Action Group if they belong to one. I am inviting you — and inviting you to invite all of your like-minded neighbors and friends — to join us. Because, my dear friends, the Earth is begging for it. It is calling for it. It is inviting it at the highest level. It’s begging, calling and inviting us to step out and place a new idea — a new cultural story about who we are, why we are, what we’re doing here, and what life is really all about — before humanity.

We have the opportunity to do so in a gentle, sweet, non-violent way, on the 12th of every month by simply engaging in the monthly Evolution Revolution activity, proving once again that the pen is mightier than the sword.

Will you engage in a single act of revolution on the 12th of June, 2015, and the 12th of each month thereafter – an organized, unified effort, on the 12th of each month — all over the world?

Will you stand with me in this simple but powerful effort to bring about change and a new tomorrow in our world?

This is not to say that we cannot engage in spreading the word on days other than the 12th of each month. The 12th of each month will offer a specific call to action, a specific activity, in which members around the globe agree to engage simultaneously, one centered around a specific action, though the action itself, may vary from month to month.

For our June 12 Awakening Day, we have decided to leave copies of the book, God’s Message To The World: You’ve Got Me All Wrong, on park benches, in train stations, in coffee shops, etc. with a note inside the front of the book, asking that whomever finds and reads the book, then leave it for someone else to find. A copy of the note (which you can edit if you choose) can be found in the Forum section of the Evolution Revolution Website http://www.evolutionrevolution.net/forums/topic/awakening-day-kit-june-12/. I created an incentive program for those who are able to join us in this outreach by obtaining one or more “giveaway copies” of this revolutionary book, this “wake-up call text”, and leaving them for others to discover. This includes a free book, CWG in a Nutshell, a free live, interactive presentation with me, and, for those who obtain two books or more, a free copy of the Audio Book of this title. To learn more about this opportunity, simply use this link: http://clyzsfse.megaph.com

For those who cannot afford to purchase multiple copies of the book, here is a link to the first 5 chapters http://godsmessagetotheworld.info/ which can be printed and stapled together with a copy of the book cover, and enclosed with the note mentioned above.

In months past, our Awakening Day activities have included email outreach to friends, family, and clergy, with the 5 Steps to Peace and the 1,000 Words That Would Change The World http://www.evolutionrevolution.net/1000-words-that-would-change-the-world/, as well as posting this information on bulletin boards in our communities, inviting people to join The Evolution Revolution. Some of our members have also pinned to bulletin boards, bumper stickers that invite folks to join with us.

It is the song of God that sings in my heart and cries out from my soul: Now is the time, now is the day! This is the moment, and you are the one. Because if not now, when? And if not you, who?

You may think this is a small thing to do, but I am saying to you again: it is a huge thing to place before humanity a new idea about itself. Because if we eliminated the thought that we are separate from each other, if we wrote a new cultural story of our Oneness, of the Oneness of all human beings everywhere, then violence and terror, abject suffering and cruelty would disappear from the face of the earth.

Cruelty, by the way, is rampant everywhere. What has been called “the violence of indifference” is what’s affecting humanity now. The violence of indifference is the thought that “there’s not much that I can do.” But there are enormous things that we can do, and I’m sharing with you now something meaningful you can do on the 12th of each month to shift the consciousness of the planet: help to begin a discussion worldwide of a New Cultural Story.

This is a new story of people everywhere that will change their minds about who they are, our relationship with each other, and how we intend from this day forward to interact with each other, so that we can at last civilize Civilization. Because that’s what’s being asked for now: a “civilizing of Civilization.” And how we’re going to do it is by changing the fundamental belief structure of human beings.

My dear friend, people behave out of their beliefs. All behaviors are sponsored by a belief. The answer, therefore, is not behavior modification — it’s not “behavior mod.” The answer is belief modification, to change our fundamental idea, our most basic thoughts, about who we are in relationship with each other.

If we actually held the idea that We Are All One, we could not possibly allow 647 children to die on this planet every hour — every hour — of starvation. Much less could we permit the other kinds of cruelty, one person upon another, such as sexual predators perpetrate…and do other people in other ways as well.

Those kinds of behaviors — not overnight, not in 20 minutes, not in an hour and a half, but over the course of time — will begin to shift and change irrevocably as we begin to see that the fundamental impulse of humanity is not “survival”, but that the basic impulse of humanity, at the bottom line, is the impulse to demonstrate and experience Divinity.

Imagine this: in every city, town and village where we have a member of Humanity’s Team, these books are left on bus stop benches, in train stations, coffee shops, etc where others will find and read them, and placing a note inside the front of the book asking people to leave the book for someone else to find, once they have read it, as well as sharing the link to The Evolution Revolution website.

We’re not talking about a 1-2-3-4-5-6 increase. We’re talking about a 2-4-8-16-32 increase. It’s an exponential increase. That, in my view, is the mechanism. And by the way, I’m not the only one who thinks this way. The people who have started revolutions on the planet — sadly, some of those revolutions have been violent and sadly, some of those revolutions have espoused ideas with which we disagree — but this exactly how they worked. al-Qaeda didn’t run around the city streets handing out documents in trying to get people to come to their little town hall meetings. al-Qaeda worked by establishing cells, little cells of people — 2 here, 4 there, 6 there and then finally 4 turned into 8, 8 turned into 16, 16 turned into 32, 32 turned into 64 – virtually overnight. And suddenly, it was a worldwide army of people ready to launch an idea revolution.

I’m not sure that I agree fundamentally with any of the ideas that they espoused, but boy, do I get the mechanism. And the world heard from them, loud and clear. Even as the world has seen today from ISIS — loud and clear. We’re not seeing ISIS walking the streets of Oklahoma passing out documents trying to gather momentum, but I promise you there are people meeting quietly all over the world. Remember that I told you this.

Fire creates fire, enthusiasm creates enthusiasm. We need to ignite people. If you’re ignited, a percentage of them will be ignited.

People who are creating violent revolutions on the earth are doing exactly this right now, even as we are talking…This is not something that’s far-fetched. This is happening right now. The only difference between us and the forces of violence in the world is that the forces of violence believe in the process of simple conversation to change people’s minds and to instigate   people into action, and we don’t. We think it can’t be done. That’s the difference. They harness the power of people. And we have failed to do so.

We could even do a play on the Ice Bucket Challenge and tell them this is like the Ice Bucket Challenge, only better, inviting us to throw cold water on all the old ideas that have created violence, terror and insanity in the world. We’re throwing cold water on all of that and we’re starting with something fresh and something new. Here’s a new idea about God, about life and about each other that can fundamentally change the world in 24 hours if you simply embrace it.

As John Kennedy said in his extraordinary remarks at his inauguration: “All of this will not be accomplished in the first 100 days, nor in the first 1,000 days, nor maybe even in our lifetime. But let us begin, knowing that on Earth, God’s work must truly be our own.”

Could Neale Donald Walsch’s new book create a bigger impact than CWG?



Hello all.  Nannette here (Neale’s assistant with the Evolution Revolution).

Because you’ve asked to be “counted in” in the Evolution Revolution, I’m going to tell you how you can “kick start” this grassroots movement, really igniting it around the world.

I’ve just obtained Neale’s new book, released only last week. After reading the sample chapters of the book, I immediately bought both the Kindle version and the hardcover version of it.

The book is titled GOD’S MESSAGE TO THE WORLD: You’ve Got Me All Wrong, and to say I want to keep reading doesn’t do justice to how I feel. After the first paragraphs, the book hooked me. Those paragraphs…

IT’S NOT A SMALL THING to be wrong about God.

And if nearly everyone on the planet is wrong about God, it’s really not a small thing.

If nearly everyone on the planet has mistaken notions about God, then nearly everything that everyone on the planet is doing will not work the way it was intended. This is because the basis of so much of what they’re doing is found in so many of their beliefs about God.

Think not?

Think again.

And that is what I’m doing as I turn each page.  Thinking.  Thinking and agreeing with the divinely inspired words Neale has written.

Another line seriously popped off the first page for me:  “Even those who don’t believe in God are impacted and guided by many of the fundamental principles placed into the Cultural Story by those who do.”  I’d not even considered this thought, but of course, how could this not be true?

The early reaction to this new book from others has made it clear to me that God’s Message to the World: You’ve Got Me All Wrong very possibly is the play book, the jumping off point for rewriting our cultural story. Obtaining the book, reading the book and talking about it, and then “accidentally” leaving the book on a park bench or at the coffee shop or in some other public place, can be Phase One of a two-stage roll-out of the Evolution Revolution, leading up to March 12, 2015…what Neale has called “Awakening Day.”

Imagine what would happen if 700 copies of this book were ordered in one day! Such an event would place huge public attention to be focused on this document, because the title would shoot to the top of bestseller lists everywhere.

So here’s what I want to suggest:
Let everyone involved in this movement read the five sample chapters of GOD’S MESSAGE TO THE WORLD: You’ve Got Me All Wrong right now. If what you read resonates with you—if you believe this is a vital message that needs to be shared with the world—then obtain a copy of the book immediately, read the entire text, then decide where you are going to leave it “by mistake.” 

That’s right! Decide to become a “Stealth Spiritual Messenger” as your first role in the Evolution Revolution by “forgetting” to take the book with you after you laid it down somewhere in public.

Okay…so to find the five sample chapters, go to:


Now I don’t want you to feel that I am overstating how powerful and important to our movement this book can be, so let me share with you just a few of the words that have been entered in the Comment string beneath where these chapters are now posted on the Internet:

Sherard Ray • Vice President at Daddy-O’s BBQ
This will be even bigger than the CwG series has been. Just as God only builds upon GodSelf, I can already see the movement this will bring to the world. I’ll be getting this one for sure.

Muzi Cindi
WOW! – A REVOLUTION IS UPON THE UNIVERSE!!! I am a sacred activist for what’s birthing on earth!!!

Elna Adams • Monmouth College
What I have read here has put into words ideas that have floated vaguely at the back of my mind. I am grateful to see them in print. I love the idea of leaving books around to be found by others. Thanks, Neale.

Peter Callil • Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
This information is sorely needed at this time. Ultimately this will help change the way we view ourselves, and everyone else in the world—especially those we consider our enemies. Thank God for that.

Teresa St John · Wilmslow
Dear Neale I have just pre -ordered this book because the five chapters I have just read are brilliant. Thank you.

So now let me close by observing that everyone who agrees with the messages of Conversations with God says the same thing: “What can I do?” Now, here is something specific that you can do. Read these sample chapters. Then get this book. Then use “person-to-person marketing” to get it out into the world.

You can start people talking without you even saying a word.

Let’s get this train out of the station!

In peace,


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