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    AvatarReema Thunderbolt

    Hi there!

    I wonder what portions to say and what not and how to go about it too. So, I’ll talk about now.

    I am in Mumbai currently; have been here since 8 years; studying Architecture, and through my thesis, I’ve spent the last 3 years(and more) getting to the core of architecture and how it affects the world (or not) and find a way for myself to develop a practice that is sensitive to life above all, even if that means not being an “architect”. My major challenge has been to find a way to sustain myself financially while doing the work I love to do. Through this time, TLT and SEGOA and many other ventures have been born that await being manifest. Since 2 weeks, I’ve taken up a job at an organisation(precisely why I have been less present and active :/ ) that aims to revolutionise (EvoRevo all the way eh!) the field of education; this was mainly to buy myself time while my projects grow, earn enough to carry on while also be doing something I am passionate about. Meanwhile, a friend and me are working with tribal schools in a rural place 2 hours up north as I continue to find a way for my own thesis at Kutch(my hometown) to reach a stage that may be accepted as per University requirements though I care more for the process itself that paves the path as moments are lived. To work them simultaneously and keep them growing even if in leetle increments is something I am working on – DIFFICULT! *chuckles*

    Hmm, this is where I stand right now. It has all been about a coming into the body and fitting into my own skin comfortably thingy; my body is something I’ve always lived out of due to many reasons- the context of beliefs and behaviour and stray comments and experiences so as a child I never felt any sense of belonging to where I was though thankfully I found a friend in Krishna, consciously around the time I was 13~ that sustained me and continues to do so. I have a spinal condition called Scoliosis; another matter that had me thinking all the time and made me see the world very differently and mostly internally out and as I grew more, with the coming-of-agey time (which continues currently) more questions crept up and Universe has shown itself as a magical orchestrator of miraculous happenings coming to the rescue just when I’ve needed it most or least expected~ Sope. Everything connects everywhere else and this could just go on so I will pause here. There are details marinating and I hope that in 3 years’s time, I have more concrete things to share 🙂

    I just want to say that I am VERY VERY GLAD to be an EvoRevo member and leader and I hope to add value in whatever manner I can, visibly or otherwise. Most of all, I LOVE YOU PEEPS! The spiritual aspect of me finds a home here~

    In gratitude for allowing me this space and listening in,

    Agape for you*


    So great to know you and to have you here, Reema.

    AvatarSpiritual Annie


    Your way with words is truly unique, and your enthusiasm fantastic. I am so glad that you are here.

    Love and Blessings,


    AvatarSarah Connor

    Hi Reema, thanks so much for sharing about your life.  It sounds incredible!  Were you always interested in architecture?  What do you mean that you are working for an organisation that wants to revolutionise education?  I guess you are in the midst of a process to put into practice what you have learnt spiritually.  I also am doing this now – mainly through my writing and trying to speak to people to share the message that there is a spiritual solution to our collective sickness.  I chose my name Sarah Connor from the movie ‘Terminator 2’ because that character was a great inspiration to me – in spite of being locked up for being mad she was trying to warn people of the dangers to come.  I didn’t want a man’s name, either father or husband, and so naming myself was part of the process for me.  I needed to set myself free from the way I defined myself in accordance with my world.  I changed myself and my world followed and I am where I need to be now.  The Evolution Revolution is a big part of that to me because it is connecting us one to another for the purposes of the good of all.  Agape returned Sarah


    Very interesting Reema 🙂 thank you for sharing . loved the “leetle” bit  about you , you’re  passionate, genuine and creative  .. I wish you luck in all the great work that you do. bless you <3

    AvatarReema Thunderbolt

    Angelika, I’m glad to be able to connect here too; and again, thank YOU for making this space here <3

    AvatarReema Thunderbolt

    Annie, I haven’t been able to connect as directly with you; apologies! I have noted your sooper kind mentions and appreciation and thank you with all of my heart for your acknowledgement of me. I am really glad to have the opportunity to get to know you through here; I hope in this weaving of connections, we can truly make earth a wonder-ease place for all of us to be as we are in all of our wholeness <3 Thank you for your disarming honesty in your introduction; inspiring in deed* We shall shine onward~*~ Together!

    AvatarReema Thunderbolt

    Hi Sarah!

    You guessed right 🙂 I love your description of your name-change; Thunderbolt came also from the idea of identifying with something Universal yet personal and be beyond any dependance on another’s whims that I may exist as I am and shine like I do being just me; nothing more, nothing less ( <3 )

    Well, being in Muscat, living a sheltered life and not having internet then either, I was quite unaware of the outer world in general; I followed my favorite subjects Art and Mathematics that guided me to Architecture without much knowing of what it was and all it entailed. Studying architecture though, has helped me really place myself in deeper awareness of the world we occupy and helped me also transcend my inherent shyness on speaking, moving on my own, expressing with clarity though the good parts of it still remain without inhibiting the growth aspects that I remain not constrained in my own limits.

    The organisation I am now a part of is working at bridging the wide gaps in education reaching out to children and create a soft-skill ecosystem that allows the child to shine forth rather than being loaded from the outside or asked to match up to illusory limiting standards. We are approaching schools with our educational program which is based on United Nations core values and are proposing so in the format of an ongoing weekly session-yearly project manner. The idea is essentially to bring the aspects of research and innovation at this stage that the child may stand tall on his or her own feet treating the “world as a stage and sky as a launchpad” (that’s a line from our brochure 😉 ) Through my own time of darkness, if there is anything that has brought me up is the spirit of a child and even though at my age I count as a youngling, I feel like I have already retired and am working to leave the world in loving care of earth’s children; they really have it in them and make sure their hearts are not stifled by constricting men-talities worn out by ages of repression..

    Personally, I have found it very important for the essence of art, education and architecture to form a practice for life; I tend to get caught up in the “musts” of society-life and also find myself forgetting many-a-times why I am doing what I am doing or how I even came to it and whether it holds any value but in such moments, it is the presence and reaching out of comrades-in-spirit like you, like all of evo revo, “random” strangers and all other Universe’s messengers that hold me still and keep me going :’) My challenge currently is to manage to find a way to channelise these understandings in a manner that may serve as a live repository to sustain and build upon itself to make space for our realness that gets often clouded in the way the world is currently set up. I like to think of myself as that repository itself *chuckles* (I don’t have to work extra, works for the lazy bit in me ahem) though I hope that the Universe finds a way to get me to really come out with all of it only IF the need be in the larger context of things; meanwhile I find most of my learnings be expressed from other parts of us and reinforcing the whole idea of oneness all the time <3 I also worry sometimes if I’ll ever really reach a place where I am live-practicing what I talk, in a very tangible manner and whether talking has any value in itself? I talk too much! Haha!

    Power be to ALL the HEARTS making this world a place worth living in, and a life worth living!!!

    Thank you Sarah for extracting this outta me though I really TRULY hope to get somewhere with all of it <3 I loved it when you said you are where you need to be now, gives me faith* And as you rightly said, Evolution Revolution definitely is working magic in making these connections that may well carry the world in its next level of heartful newness!

    Power be to Evo Revo and all that are a part of this <3

    AvatarReema Thunderbolt


    I read your introduction and may I say how I truly appreciate your vulnerable humbly honest expression of your journey on earth ( <3 ) Sending to you a TREE-load of nurturing energies and nourishing strength for your children too* In connection, may we all be held in loving care of the shelter found in each others’ presence. Keep shining like you do! I’m sure your rays find those who may need it most and give courage in the most debilitating of situations. POWER be to YOU!


    I love this post, Reema! I feel such affection for you! Thank you for sharing and I’m so glad to know you.  🙂


    AvatarSarah Connor

    Hi Reema, so art and mathematics led you to architecture and from there to today!  This education project sounds extraordinary.  I feel like one of the things I would love to see develop from evo rev spiritual activism is a school for children – using some of the ideas for education God gives Neale in CWG BK 2.  But it sounds like you are already there: I can’t think of a better message for a child than ‘treating the world as a stage and the sky as a Launchpad.’  It immediately made me think of the kind of artwork children would create if asked to imagine the sky as a Launchpad.  Also that is not far from spiritual truth as I understand that, that in a way we do all come from the sky, from the stars, on our endless circular journey that spirals its way through the galaxies.  And what songs would the stars be singing if we could hear them?  Or what universal fellowship is offered by those images of nebulae from far out in space?  A butterfly’s wings?  The eye of God?  Life observing life and not so much smiling as bursting open with joy…

    Well today is Awakening Day and I have emails to send.  But I just wanted to add I like your word channelize.  And that you want to use your understandings ‘only If the need be in the larger context of things.’  It’s why I’m here too.  Hope you will let us know how you are getting on with your work.  I am off to work on making space for realness.  love Sarah

    AvatarMonica De Sousa

    Reema, good to meet you here. I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts and getting to know you on facebook. Big hug, love and blessings 🙂

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