A New Strike for Freedom

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    Gabriel Phelps


    Hello everyone, my name is Gabriel and my name is also Freedom . . .


    I have been to many places the last few years, and many of these places have been inside my mind figuring out more ways than one to myself and other people. I have much to talk about and yet I can only say one thing at a time. One of the important events that is taking place is a mass awakening you all know of. I would like to support this awakening by speaking with all of you now.


    What I have to say is very much dear to my heart. It involves many people and topics and questions that cannot be summarized in one post, so that is why you are all here with me and I am just so thankful for this. I would like to notify there are a lot of false teachers out there you can say and I know Neale is not one of them, in fact, since the beginning he led me onto an even greater journey about meeting all sorts of teachers and despite the hardship I have gone through I can look at my hands and say I AM Alive! I AM Awake! I AM!


    I would like to share some teachers with you that I have found very helpful on my journey. Kyle Cease – Jay Shetty – Jp Sears – Matt Kahn – and Kim Michaels. Tatyana N. Mickushina is another but there as you may know a big wave under the surface of duality on this planet, and it is screaming in joy! I am so happy to tell you about it, but we can only really know about it when we experience it. These teachers above have helped me integrate the inner knowing to very quick paces and may help you.


    I wrote a long post not over a week ago but did not seem to make it on the forum. I was stressing the need for all of us to have online and onland discussion panels about the conditions in our lives and the worlds, and have no fear talking about things that are not so good and try to find a higher understanding even if we don’t know one in the present.


    One of the main themes in this new age is accelerating into asking questions and really facing people, people who we have never met before, and acting in completely different ways that what we are used to. Neale probably has talked about this in his books.


    But I invite you to post in the forum ways to communicate online and over where you live locally. I am happy to see various CWG disucssion groups around and I think that is fantastic. I always think more can be done no matter what we are doing or thinking and yet still be at peace with where we are at on the path.


    I am still working out some things on my own, finding a job or perhaps creating a job to work with businesses that huamnities team is very much involved with. But I think this is something that is very much needed whether we can pay for the program or not to be able to talk to empoloyers about another side of life, another side of business and working with humanity. It is very important to me.


    Lastly I want to say in regards to the teachers of Kim Michaels, Tatyana, and even the heartscenter community (heartscenter.org) that I think many you of would like having prayer and perhaps song vigils to help bring Gods light into the world through his representatives of Ascended Beings that work with the people of Earth. These are beings who are no longer trapped in duality and Mother Teresa, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and many others are really beginning to experience.


    I hope to talk with you all very soon, and I wish you talk to you all very soon. I am so happy to see the 1000 word document still on this page. It was about three years ago I went off with my cart with a table and 1000 copies of that page to the downtown and got help distrubting them to people.


    I look forward to continue giving them out while I am alive. May you all be blessed and thank you so much for your cooperation in restoring freedom not only to america but to the world at large because in reality, there are no nations, there is only one nation, and that is God’s without borders.


    Thank You and have a goodnight from U.S.






    Dear Gabriel,

    it is wonderful to read you. This is Angelika from Germany and I’m the hostmaster of this site. I was afraid that this website and this forum was going asleep. Not many people are posting here and then they go away because they don’t get much response. So I’m very happy to see that you blow some life into this wasteland. Hopefully life is back and will flourish again.

    With love


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