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    Hi all! It took me a while to come on here to introduce myself. I always feel my story is ultra-boring, but I am inspired by the rest of you and how open and honest your sharings have been. I won’t go into much detail, but I will share I have always been asking the “deep” questions since I can remember… especially, what is the purpose to all this? IS there purpose to life? And as I young child and teenager, I came to the conclusion everything was meaningless and fell into a deep depression, afraid to die yet living in hell on earth. And the questions still haven’t stopped to this day, but I have evolved enormously through living into those questions. I am now what some might call a “healer,” practicing various forms of subtle energy modalities. But I am also a philosopher. And now an activist from a grounding in spirituality. And always a truth-seeker. I’m writing a book about other ways to heal with and through so-called mood disorders like depression… especially for those whose despair is existential and based in a feeling of meaninglessness and hopelessness and purposelessness. I’m being called to also support those who are “waking up” to the crisis we are now facing on (and with) this planet — and finding themselves in states of grief and intense fear. I feel blessed to be a part of this amazing group. All of you inspire me beyond words.

    Love you all,


    AvatarSpiritual Annie


    I think I might be able to understand some of that despair you felt. Just a tad.

    You sound, and your energy comes through as feeling, both warm and soothing. I would have to guess your clients are pleased with your healing techniques.

    It’s good to get to know you and I look forward to “activisming” with you.



    AvatarMonica De Sousa

    Hi Penny, it’s good to get to know you a little more. I’ve always had an interest in alternate healing and from young started to move towards alternative healing for myself. I’m glad to meet you here and look forward to future conversations. Love and blessings Monica 🙂


    hello Penny,

    first of all your story is not boring at all!!!  on the contrary it is beautiful and inspiring, you are a healer, philosopher ,activist.. best jobs in the world.. I am so glad to know this about you, I would need your advice & guidance on how to deal with and help heal people with depression.. we have a lot of that in my family.. So glad to have you here..will send you a message on facebook.. Love & blessings. Lara

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