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    I very much appreciated Neale’s latest post:

    He clearly articulated his vision and the mission of Evolution Revolution, as well as the means by which he feels is the most effective way to carry out that mission. I would love to add some additional thoughts to this, some things I’ve been pondering for a while. My hope is to open even more discussion.  🙂

    First, I feel there is some confusion between how to go about the two main aims of the Evolution Revolution at this time in its early stages. The two main aims are (from my perspective):

    1. Increase our membership in Evolution Revolution.
    2. Take action steps in forwarding Evolution Revolution’s mission and vision. (The mission statement is on the bottom of the registration page:

    I think it is important to be clear and focused about whichever aspect we are focusing on, and therefore who we are trying to communicate with, when we have an event like Awakening Day or take other coordinated action together. I think the focus and actions we take can be much more effective if we are clear on who we’re talking to.

    For instance, #1 is NOT about convincing people who don’t think like us to believe as we do, but rather it is about finding like-minded people who want to be spiritual activists, believe in our mission, and believe the actions we propose will be effective in accomplishing that mission. So in this case, I think sending emails to everyone on our email lists or posting everywhere on social media is much less effective than concentrating on connecting personally with those individuals and groups we know are already like-minded and asking them to consider joining.

    On the other hand, #2 actually IS about proposing new ideas that will produce a revolution in thinking — that is, a shifting of the worldviews of people who are now living in a fear-based paradigm. The actions we take in this regard, therefore, should be very different than for #1 if we are to be effective in “producing a revolution in the way people are thinking and acting,” as Neale says. For one thing, we are focusing on an entirely different set of people than in #1! We need to start considering who those people are and what they’re thinking. Neale focuses a lot on fundamentalist-thinking, but there are also many people who don’t believe in God at all, or who don’t think much about it, and are operating from a materialist, rationalist, “scientific” paradigm… and many people hold both views or some combination. I think it’s important reach out to them all, and each group will only be intrigued by or respond to vastly different messages. So, I think it’s really important to begin to differentiate which specific group we’d like to reach with each coordinated action we take, in order to focus our actions more effectively. For instance, we can begin to bring the word “God” into discussion even among atheists and agnostics if we clearly communicate that God is just another word for Universe, All That Is, or Life.

    The second point I’ve been pondering is that people will neither join our movement nor be active members (if they do join) unless they are convinced or at least hopeful that the actions being proposed will be effective in moving us toward accomplishing our mission. This is what Neale addresses in his post. He speaks beautifully about the power of starting a conversation and spreading our ideas far and wide. One concern I have, though, is that it is my impression that he wants to use ONLY the Conversations with God material as the basis of this movement and does not seem open to collaborating with other well-known spiritual and thought leaders. (I could be totally wrong about this, of course! This is my perception so far. Please correct me if I’m mistaken, Neale!) I believe it is very, very important to include different perspectives and other thought leaders in this movement. Collaboration is key at this point, in my view. We need to expose people to a variety of ways of talking about these concepts — especially those concepts that are difficult to accept or understand — because different people saying the same thing in different ways will reach a greater number of people and is therefore more likely to affect change in a greater number of people’s thinking. For instance, I may be very confused about what is meant by something said in CWG, but maybe I will get it if I hear it from Marianne Williamson (as an example) because she puts it in a different way that, for some reason, resonates with me. I think we also need to include those leaders who teach us varying ways or processes to embody and live these concepts in practical ways. Not only this, but these other thought leaders have thousands of followers who are already like-minded and would be thrilled to join the Evolution Revolution if they only knew about it!

    Along these lines, one idea I have is to begin bringing in and collaborating with a different thought leader for each Awakening Day. We could brainstorm with that thought leader on a collective action that we could all take together for the Awakening Day, and then also do a teleseminar call with him/her maybe a week before Awakening Day to rally us all together behind the action we’ll be taking, along with interviewing them on how they think about, talk about, or teach their perspective on one or more of the concepts from CWG that we are focusing on for that particular Awakening Day. Of course, I think Neale should often be the thought leader being interviewed, but I think it’s critical that we include and collaborate with other leaders as well. It would be really inspiring if Neale would also sometimes be the one interviewing some of these other leaders! And why not include some of our members as the thought leaders? We are all leaders here!  🙂

    I love you all so much! Thank you for allowing me the space to share. I hope it moves us toward a really fun and enlivening discussion!!!





    Thank you Penny for sharing your thoughts, I think you’re right, you made a lot of sense  & I agree with EVERYTHING you suggested . I believe this will bring better results! I have no ideas right now but if i get some, I will share . Much love & more blessings & hugs. Lara



    Hi Penny, I also agree with your points! Its late now, so I will just make it short.

    I suggested in a Mail to Neale, since he is known so much by others, if it would make sense in his opinion, to meet with other spiritual leaders and introduce them to evo-revo! So they can also spread our movement!

    My other text now disappeared, pressed the wrong button. Its late, I will go sleep. Will be offline for a week and will take time to think over everything, make notes and be back next week.


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    Penny, I appreciate your articulation of the aims and focus. It resonates and helps me to feel more clarity on the direction I choose to take when I reach out to folks. This could be very helpful to all. Thank you. I read the latest posts on Neale’s post on active members. I think there is more valuable information and ideas that could be circulated. Can we create a meeting/conference call/webcast with the aim of capturing all the brilliance that’s coming forward? Ideas and inspiration get lost in the threads and I think a live recorded call could really help us to galvanize.


    Spiritual Annie


    I’m trying to find the right words to describe how I feel about what you’ve written. Energized is a good one. Clear is another. Hopeful is, I think, the best.

    You’ve managed to break down into understandable  terms the multifaceted work it will take for us to achieve the mission of EvoRevo. Thank you.

    I will add that I’ve heard Neale say on more than one occasion that we’re not exclusively about CWG. In fact, Humanity’s Team (the sponsoring organization of EvoRevo) often has speakers and presentations from like-minded spiritual leaders.

    Neale has also assured me on more than one occasion that I should use my own words to express my own understanding of the CWG material. It’s sometimes necessary to do so in order to fit the specific cultural or personal situation we’re in when trying to get the message across.

    I find myself  pondering ways in which to communicate the messages, especially of “You’ve Got Me All Wrong,” in terms the people I know will be able to understand if I put it in terms with which they’re familiar.

    For example, it’s easy to see that much of the undeclared wars that our country is involved in are, at their foundation, about differing religious beliefs.

    It’s harder, though, to express in a way that others can understand and accept that the people responsible for both sides of the conflict have beliefs rooted in ancient stories and myths about an angry, judgmental God who requires us to act in a certain way or we’ll be banished to burn in the everlasting fires of Hell—and that this horrible vision of who God is, is something that ancient people may have needed to believe in, but we do not, and can choose to change our beliefs.  (I added the emphasis to show those points I find hardest to get across to people.)

    I find myself  “working on” these things in my head, almost as if laying out lesson plans, being guided by my Soul, while allowing the compassion in my Heart for those who are unlike me to temper my words with Love.

    Too often I feel like I’m impatient with those who love the personal messages in Book 1, but who don’t want to move on to affecting our world through our beliefs as expressed more in Books 2 and 3, as well as other books in the CWG cosmology. Or that are expressed by other spiritual leaders in their own way.

    You’ve certainly given me food for thought, and for that, I thank you.

    Love and Blessings,



    Michael Gregory

    Hey Penny,

    I’ll start by echoing the others who have left a comment on this post and say a big thank you for writing this. You’ve raised some great points that need to be spoken about in an open forum such as this so that all of us within the group can firstly get a feel of what we as a community are actually thinking, and to gain a clearer insight as to where we are headed.

    I think regular tele seminar calls are a great idea and what you said about getting other new thought thinkers involved is absolutely wonderful. I think we know now my thoughts about Marianne Williamson and like you said there are many others who think in a similar way too. This would be a great indicator to those who perhaps have not heard of Neale but like the ideas that we are talking about, see that we are not just following the ideas of one person but instead the ideas of one-ness. And of course the idea of oneness is the underlying foundation of so many wonderful teachers out there, Neale being one of them.

    One thing I would like to add here is a little bit of dichotomy, however I feel this is the way a truly evolving anything would work, including a revolution.
    Yes I think we need to be clear about our individual roles and play our positions much like a player in a football game, where we can then efficiently move forward and co-ordinate ourselves effectively.

    But at the same time I think we should not wait for the ‘go-ahead’ if we suddenly have an inspired thought to do something. I think since we are all leaders we should act with autonomy and just do whatever feels right in that moment. I think when we’re connected with God we can be inspired with amazing ideas and then when the disconnection sets in we think ‘aghhh that idea is a little crazy, and what would ?? think about me if they see me doing that or hear me saying that’ in fact now would be a good time to write a little prayer for myself here –

    Dear God,

    Please allow me to see beyond the fear of acting when I am inspired by You,
    Please allow for me to step out of the prison of what others may think of me for I know when I am connected to you All action I take is inspired and meaningful.


    And I really mean that, I guess I am writing this whole message to myself as much as I write it to anyone else who is reading it. Even now I look up and feel a bit silly to leave that prayer in this reply. I guess my normal mind is going to work again, I will allow this to be my first test and risk looking silly by leaving it in anyway, where at this point I’d almost certainly delete it out.

    But I think this is the crux of everything, at least it is for me. My fear of actually doing and saying the things that I truly want to say and do. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the case for a lot of us within the group too. I sometimes think if I was told I had a week to live, what would I do differently? I think I need to start thinking this way more often because funnily enough that’s when I seem to be my truest and in that being-ness I tend to get the most done. Ok I think I’ll stop here, I hope that I can make the call on Saturday even though you said it was unlikely that you are going to be there. The ideas you raised and the touching truth vibration in which you wrote them, need to be spoken about so that they can be built upon.

    Thank you so much again for posting. I could really sense your energy behind the words and I whole heartedly mean it when I say that I believe it is this type of energy that is going to change the world! heart emoticon

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    Michael Gregory

    Oh dear I tried to fix it and made it even worse, then edit feature disappeared after 1 edit. Angelika, help… 🙂



    🙂 Hi Michael, when you copy and paste text with html-tags then please use the “Text”-Tab of this editor:

    Then the editor “knows” the format-tags.


    Spiritual Annie

    Hey, Michael!

    It’s funny, in an unfunny way really, how so many of use who are adults can still be so afraid of making a mistake or embarrassing ourselves or not fitting in. I think it’s safe to say most of us have been or are misfits, or we wouldn’t have been open to Neale’s message in the first place.

    Don’t worry. We’ve got your back.

    Love and Blessings,





    Thanks Michael for your honesty & for the prayer, I will use it whenever I feel I want to share , do or say something but afraid of judgement, I feel this way often but thought I was the only one ! Love & blessings



    Wow, everyone!! You all inspire me beyond words!! Michael, I absolutely love your prayer. It brought tears to my eyes. It was basically the prayer I had before posting this post!! And I love what you said about going with inspired action and not waiting… I interpret that as being spirit-guided and living in the moment. Beautiful. Cheryl, I love your idea of having calls based around gathering all the brilliance and ideas that are coming forward from our members and from Neale. One of us could take notes and organize all the ideas in a document to send to the whole group and then we could maybe decide as a group how to proceed on the ideas the majority of us feel good about. Maybe a weekly call? Just throwing out ideas. Annie, your deep reflections and insights really resonate with me… I go through similar reflections and contemplations. Somehow the way you express it affects me deeply. Thank you. Icewand and Marion, thank you both so much for your reflections, too!! Love you all so much. Feeling blessed.

    Much love,




    I too am inspired by everyone’s words and wisdom. I have been “shy” about joining in for a number of reasons. First of all I find myself becoming somewhat overwhelmed within the site itself. Then I tend to “lose time” because of my work hours, the threads change quickly and the entries become something else. By the times I get back what I was thinking about is no longer there. At any rate I am here now and I would like to run an idea by everyone as I think I need some direction before jumping in. There are so many pages in Face Book that run parallel to our own mission, but they all have a banner and they want you to join underneath it. Most folks I know belong to many groups under many different banners. Is there a way we could help integrate and join forces to become actually One? Do you think that is a good idea, and if so how would we go about accomplishing it? That would swell our numbers by the thousands if not millions. Untied we stand, divided we fall right?

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