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    Hello, Beings made of Light!

    First, much love, peace and consciousness to You!

    Today, I would like to talk about «doubts». Why doubts? Well, some people, when they have doubts, they usually try to run away from them, so to say. They try, as fast as they can, to find out an answer, a solution. And, don’t get me wrong, this is not a criticism. It’s just the interpretation of my experience. What I realized is that love is the answer for everything. And I mean everything. Including our doubts about something. We try to get away from them, we try to find out an answer, but, why run away from it? Why be so anxious to find out an answer? Accept the doubt, love uncondicionally the doubt. Maybe, you’ll find out a spefic answer to whatever is your question. But, in the moment, in the present moment, just love your doubts. Maybe, you’ll feel the answer in your heart in the next five minutes, in the next week, in the next 20 years… but, for now, be aware of the doubt and let it be free. And, how do you free a doubt? Loving it uncondicionally. Just look at the doubt from within. Don’t look at it with your mind, but within you. Accept and love the doubts you might have about something.

    Namaste Wonderful Energy,

    Sónia Ferreira

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