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    Our leadership team… if I’ve forgotten anyone, please let us know! Thanks to everyone who is helping.

    Julian Paul Hernandez
    Global Videographer Coordinator

    Michael Gregory
    Global Coordinator for Happier Than God book discussion group

    Marilyn Huskic
    Global Spanish Translation Coordinator

    Lara Assaad (Icewand)
    Global Membership Coordinator

    Erica Bates
    Country Coordinator, Australia

    Sarah Connor
    Country Coordinator, U.K.

    Marion Johnson
    Global Coordinator of Message Delivery.

    Reema Thunderbolt
    Global Coordinator Electronic Communications

    Angelika Lanbin
    Global Webmaster for Evolution Revolution site

    David Mendieta
    Administrative Assistant

    Annie Stith
    Communications Coordinator

    Michele Harvey
    Global Welcome Coordinator

    Christine Glenn
    Global Coordinator, On-The-Ground groups

    Kathy Kobak
    Global Transcription Coordinator
    Welcome Team

    Angela Duck
    Global Online Action Team
    Facebook Welcome Team

    Cheryl Park
    Global Online Action Team
    Communications Team

    Tammy Long
    Administrative Assistant
    Communications Team

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    AvatarSpiritual Annie

    Thanks for all the hard work, Angelika.




    You are welcome, Annie. I’m glad that I can help…


    I am so very, very inspired by the willingness of so many wonderful people to join in providing Leadership to this global outreach endeavor. Thank you all, every one of you, from my heart. It is possible, after all, that we may begin to make a real difference in our world with people such as you working so willingly to change our global cultural story. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Lovingly………neale.


    Neale, I try to find a space for my request, may be here is right. I was already wondering and suggesting one time, if it would be possible, that YOU, as initiator of evolutionrevolution and as worldwide known messenger could arrange a meeting with the spiritual leaders of this world and introduce them to evorevo?! If some of them (or all) would join and spread the information during their seminars, work-shops or share it at twitter or facebook, we could grow much faster?!?

    May be you cannot imagine, how different it is for us, since we did not receive the messages directly, like you did. We agree by reading them, we love them, still it seems difficult to keep the motivation up and to get one more person to be part of the team?!

    I also suggested to have a call to a very interesting person, which is really interested to volountarily help in our evolutionrevolution, maybe also I missed your answer, sometimes I do not even want to open my mailaccount because all those mails just take so much of time and focus….

    Anyhow I have shared the missions statements at the liveblog of G7 conference, but it did not appear as yet. Shared it to Günther Jauch, wo is a very known moderator in german TV, maybe there will be an answer from there.

    Alexander Krahn was so friendly and made a pricerequest for the german (internet)TV concious.tv; eventually we get some interview time there. So I would like to have the opportunity to speak/skype about it, if we get through. Jo Conrad answered Alexander yesterday and also today (Sunday); he know some of your books and I will try to write him as well about the mission, hoping to get him interested enough to invite us.

    Furthermore I made a lot of notes during some TV reportages, wrote the  name s of interesting people, which made comments, that I felt, they should know about us.

    Greetings from Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, Marion Johnson



    AvatarSpiritual Annie


    Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement. For myself, I feel as if I have been sleepwalking, and just awakened due to some deep journaling inspired by taking your “Happier Than God” online course through Daily OM. I’m not sure you—or any of us, really—are fully aware of the affect we have on others when we put ourselves out there.

    I have very recently started a new blog that will be an extension, for me, of getting the message out, so your conversation starters could not have been timed any better. I also just signed up for Jean Houston’s new webinar on Sunday. I feel wonderment about what is coming into my life.

    Much Love and Many Blessings,


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    I am not to fond of “leaders”, because first i’m an anarchist, second in the rainbow family of living light, which i feel i have a personal membership to (they say everybody with a belly button is a rainbow), they have no “leaders” and “official spokespersons”, and third i only approve my guardian angels and other natural high spiritual beings as “leaders”, because they have a natural spirtual authority.


    This email bounced I am looking to connect with people in Australia.


    Does this mean a position is available?


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