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    Hi friend made of light!

    First, I wish you much love, peace, light and faith within you and in the reality you’re creating in the Here and Now.

    Now, I want to share an opinion about feelings, because, nowadays, it’s very important to honestly and with an open heart share what we feel. And I figured that out from my own experience in this wonderful life.

    Once, I was watching a video (from Alan Watts, in case you want to check it out) called “Embracing our feelings”, some time ago. I remember, among other things, an example he gave, about a woman who had a child and was feeling sad, depressed, because she didn’t want to really give birth to that child. But, she kept reminding herserlf  “Oh, but, mothers are supposed to love their children. It’s wrong to have this feeling” (or something like that). And this example matches perfectly with what I read from CwG, about feelings. Sometimes, we have certain feelings, but we also have beliefs about what we should be, we should do, we should have, and so on. The result, as it says the CwG, is an internal conflict, between our feelings and our beliefs. Now, I spent most of my life ignoring what I feel, label my feelings has “wrong”, because of my beliefs (and they weren’t really “mine”. They came from someone else). The result was feelings of anger, fear, sadness, and even those were labeled has “wrong”. But now, I begun to really analyse what I feel, and really accept it without labeling them. For example, not a very long time ago, a friend of mine sent me a message saying that she wanted to call later, because she wanted to unburden something that was happening with her. When I read that message, a feeling acrossed me. A feeling of NOT WANT to talk to her by phone. Well, that was the moment when my mind reminded me “Oh, but, Sónia, you’re being a bad friend”, “friends should listen to each other”, “she trusts you and you’re daring to feel that?!”. Another one, “Oh, how about what you read in CwG, about letting every soul following their own path? Letting them come to you? She’s doing that. It’s like you’re ignoring what the Universe is sending to you! Imagine how many people would feel happy to be in your place”. The result was an internal conflict. But, happily, I begun to have consciousness about what was happening whitin me (this starts, specially, when you begin to truly listen your feelings instead of discard them automatically). And, I chose to accept what I was feeling (it was really helpful to saying it out loud).

    So, it is very, very important to accept what we feel, and not label that feeling as “wrong”. And, it is also very important to share those feelings, specially with people that you feel that care about you, and with the person that is a part of the situation that caused that feeling (the secret is to do so, when you feel it’s your appropriate moment). And bless. Bless, bless, bless. Bless the situation, bless the feeling, bless even your beliefs, bless people envolved in that situation. And accept. And feel thankful. And love unconditionally. And also don’t be afraid of what the other person might think about you, or even feel about you. Remember, those are just thoughts and feelings, and, consciously or not, we choose to experience them.

    You’re freedom in every aspect of you. Including feelings.

    Namaste angels,

    Sónia Ferreira

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