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    Hello from the “bible belt”!  I give that greeting loosely as I am the last person who really wants to pick up a bible at this time in my life!  I just started reading a couple of Neale’s books this past weekend and at first,  I began feeling a bit depressed…but now, I am feeling some little niggles of joy…..you see, I was raised in a cult…you know…a religious cult (almost like jim baker style) and my whole life I have lived with so much fear and judgement that it has been hard to breathe!!  I recently began having a “spiritual crisis” that has probably been coming for quite some time but I didn’t recognize it because I am so hard headed! LOL! Between having a good counselor, many guides and angels, and the good Lord, I am shedding the blinders!  I can hardly put these books down because somehow, they resonate with my soul!  I was never taught to question anything much lest challenge what I had been told or preached at about so many topics..I am having these precious moments of clarity that I am clinging to even as I write this because I suddenly realize that everything I ever thought I knew was just plain B.S.! (I don’t mean like stealing or killing) I mean things like having to be baptized and get “the holy ghost” and speak in weird tongues, pay tithes when I could hardly afford to pay my own bills, and the list could go on and on!…..The fact that I am even posting this is a pure miracle considering my background and Oh My!!>>>>how I want to share what i am learning but it is so hard to put into words! I know this is a long “introduction” but I’m IN!!  I plan to learn as much as I can and hopefully be able to express myself well enough to touch a few other lives as I go….God bless you all and bless you Neale for allowing Spirit to use you to help people like me who are coming into the light of the truth!!



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