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    Hi EvoRevo-Family,

    I have a question about children and the learning / teaching about god. I am a homeschooling mom and my daughter is 8 and we haven’t “learn” religion in a way school teaches it. I am not a church person. I was raised in a christian family but I see the truth in so many ways (buddha, cwg and so on). So I want to start speak with my daughter about the cwg books and how I see and experience god…. I want to avoid any dogma in this area.


    Have you some experiences in teaching children with the cwg themes? I would love to be in touch in with you and share some ideas. Its so profound to open up a dogma free way for children to experience god.


    Hi Nicole,

    First, thank you for asking that question. It’s a very important one, nowadays. Now, I believe that to teach children to live, to experience life through CwG books, it’s important to tell her how do you see God/Life/Universe, in a way that she understands, I mean just in a simpler and more direct way. Like, for example, “We’re all connected”, “You’re more than meets the eye”, “God/Life loves you”, “God can be anything you look at”, “Be thankful for every moment of your day”. These are just some examples. I believe that you, as a mom, have a wonderful intuition. And you already have sent the intention of teaching your daughter about CwG and how do you see life. So now, you don’t need to “try” to find a way to teach your daughter. Just trust in the Universe/God, and know that He/She is helping you right now to use the beautiful creativity you already have to help your daughter grow in harmony, happiness, love, peace, etc.

    And I believe that is also important to remind your daughter to love herself, in first place. To see how wonderful, how kind, how perfect, how powerful (power to create, not to control), how beautiful she is. And it’s also important to teach her not to be attached to things, specially material things. I mean, allow her to have, for example, a toy, but remind her that she doesn’t need that to be happy.

    Now, those are just examples. And, as I said before, I believe that you are being a great mother just by asking for suggestions to help your daughter remind faster and easier who she really is (and by doing that, you also keep reminding yourself who you really are).

    But, if you want a quick response from the spiritual masters that created this website, in the you can ask Neale for advice and you’ll probably have his suggestions in the same day or the next one.


    Much light and love for you and for those you love,

    Sónia Ferreira

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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