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    AvatarMonica De Sousa

    Hi all, I am the Evolution Revolution Coordinator for South Africa. I was brought up Catholic. From a young age I questioned that God would send anyone to an eternal hell especially that he would send someone there for not acknowledging him.  I first came across CWG years ago. Book 1 of CWG was given to me as a gift by my now ex-boss. I never forgot the moment I started reading it. It brought me to tears. Finally I read the first evidence of the God I knew. I never believed in God but instead felt I knew and felt him always. What I was taught in church did not measure up until then. I went on to read all 3 CWG books and other spiritual books and started my evolutionary journey. The most influential books / ideas that have changed me since is the Celestine Prophecy and Mind Power. I also started doing yoga, meditation and chigong (amongst other fantastic discoveries). I am not today who I once was. I first heard about the evolution revolution late last year and knew I would join it. When Neale put out his wish for 1000 members by the end of last year I joined.  I have loved getting to know everyone here. I look forward to my continuing evolution which was escalated late last year in every way. I catapulted myself out of a job I held for 13 years into a new life without any security for my future except that I felt then and I continue to feel now that I was divinely inspired to Change Everything. Here’s to our adventures and evolution. Blessings, a big hug and a thank you to everyone 🙂


    Hi Monica! I’m so glad you are here. I feel like you have a very powerful energy and are offering so much as a leader for this group. Thank you thank you! Looking forward to being on this journey with you!  💜

    AvatarSarah Connor

    Hi Monica, thanks for sharing your life journey that brought you to this place.  It is wonderful to read, looking forward to working with you and as Penny said, being on this journey with you now!

    AvatarSpiritual Annie

    Hey, Monica!

    It’s good to get to know you better, and I’m glad to see you here in the Forum. I honor your courage in “changing everything,” and I’m excited for you because of all the possibilities that leaves you open to in your life. I hope we will get regular updates on what shows up in your life as a result!

    May you be Blessed,


    AvatarMonica De Sousa

    Hi Penny, Sarah and Annie, Thank you for your warm welcome. It’s so great to be here with everyone. I realized recently that the evolution revolution has become my new constant, the place where I can every day meet and speak to a community that I am a part of. 🙂 Leaving a place that you were a part of for so long is challenging (to say the least) and you miss the community the most. It’s great to be in this place getting to know new friends and forming an amazing and powerful new community. Thank you everyone. We really have amazing people here. Big hug, lots of love and blessings, Monica



    welcome welcome welcome <3 thank you for sharing your wonderful journey, you have such positive energy that opens the heart, it’s great to have you here with all of us, may you continue in love and passion, may you be blessed <3 love. Lara

    AvatarMonica De Sousa

    Thank you Lara. You too have a wonderful energy about you and I have enjoyed getting to know you. I have much respect for you for the way that you have faced your life challenges with such strength. It is great to be here with you. Much love and blessings Monica

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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