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    Sometimes, it seems like Life may not transforming as we wished. Sometimes, it may seem like we wished so much for something to happen, we even thanked to It, but, still, for some reason, thoughts, beliefs maybe… it didn’t work out. It didn’t manifested into our reality like we wished it would. And, sometimes, we can get angry about it. We can get angry with Life itself. And, from my experience, it’s not wrong to be mad at Life. It’s not wrong to scream at It. Despite what you might have learned about being “angry”, being “mad” (that it’s “wrong”, that you shouldn’t even feel that), it’s not wrong. If you feel like to scream at Life, to say “mad” things at It, then do it. Life, unlike some people, it’s not going to judge you. On the contrary, It’s going to embrance you and your madness with Love, only Love. If you want to scream at the Universe, do it. It’s not wrong. It’s amazing, actually. I’m not saying that “this is the solution” whenever things don’t work out as you liked. I’m saying that if you FEEL mad at Life, say that to It. He/She is not going to punish you, or give to you a “bad consequence”. No. He/She is going to accept and listen your mad words with love, pure love. Nothing more, nothing less. So, don’t be afraid to shout at It, if you feel angry about something. Like I said, there is no punishment, just releasing. Life loves you, whether you feel happy whit It or mad about It. There’s only love for you in Its heart, even if you feel angry, even disappointed with Him/Her. He/She will caress you, not be mad with you, just because you’re screaming at It. And, it’s not going to punish you, to make you feel the “consequences” of screaming at the “Ultimate Force in the Universe”. He/She just feels love about you, no matter what you feel about It. So, don’t be scared of screaming, of telling to Life that you’re mad at It.

    Don’t be afraid. He Loves You. She Loves You. Now and forever.

    Namaste Dear Souls

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