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    Hello Spiritual Leaders!

    Have you wondered why this website as well as other similar forum and discussion groups have not been fulfilling to the community at large?

    What I can tell you at this moment in time May 19, 2018, the acceleration of consciousness is taking leaps from even when 2012 and 2015 turned corners. What do I mean? Well, in these time periods there was a very fast past in information being received to individuals about Truth and Falseho0d. The acceleration picked up in the 2000’s exponentially but within the past five decades many great things have been coming to pass as well as the experiences some of us have rather not seen whether in our own life or in the world.

    So what I would like to say is what is the trending consciousness that is about community creation not destruction? What is the topic at hand that is becoming a very intriguing activity to talk or think about? If I know one thing, it is revolving around helping others and understanding our self beyond self-help for healing. And what is that beyond? It is seeing others a connected entity that streams throughout the cosmos from the same source.

    Without getting really philosophical here, I would like to say the trend of Spoken Word or Poetic Voice is really seeing never before . . seen numbers or impactful experiences happening on the inner beings of people. Where can you find this topic . . YouTube, facebook, and perhaps other social media outlets. It really is beautiful, but there is still a lingering conversation that goes beyond this, and if you do watch this what i’m talking about, you will see the revolution taking place in great numbers.

    To further this conversation, I would like to say that the topic at large here is the open willingness to have a conversation about parts of society will be an underlying discussion on the lips of the revolutionaries. Many will not be ready, but many are, and in saying such, many of us are ready to talk about the social structures in a new way that we think cannot be done or will result in augmentation.

    I would like to tell you that there is so much fear and trepidation built in the systems of society, that many people refrain from having a voice and finding a passion to study various parts of society. An example is the extraordinary leap in New Age spiritual movements fixated on self-help and developing practices of “small acts of kindness”. You cannot really measure these things from the Mind of Source or God or whatever you want to call it.

    My main point is that there are many groups so focused off the problem that there has been a withdrawn from confidence to be the solution to some of the complex issues happening in society. We, some of us commonly think that that process will overburden us, and we cannot fix these problems with physical means . . well you are right, but also there is a higher understanding about solving problems that do exceed into spirituality merging with the outer mind.

    Now let me bring it back down. So what many communities need to make happen is a combined effort to link up intimate discussions that forums can deal with but perhaps also deeper into voice/video/live messaging and even into physical meeting. There is a very great need for people to talk about these conditions and structures in society and share them to a wide variety of audiences, even some who are at the “top” of the food chain if you will. Most people are not ready but there are many ready now and more in the future to be.

    People by the day, are growing eagerly tired of the mundane vibrations of the typical lifestyle, and the power elite are running out of ways to hide the duality or conflict within the very consciousness embedded into the every day social lifestyle. With the internet, acceleration is taking place as said before at speeds never before seen to evolutionary consciousness.

    How can we talk and inform each other about this new conversation or the dilemmas of not having these new conversations? Good Question, and precisely there will not be ever one way. One way being from what I have started, is to share our authentic selfs’ in the form of community environments onland or on the internet about the needed bravery to talk about these these without getting polarized to opposing rather than complementing. Good vs bad, right vs wrong, left vs right, etc . .

    I am proposing to myself to build a school in the new future to begin this work, and I applaud the work of Neale and this whole community which helped accelerate my journey beyond words. We need to think outside of the box and create new questions and answers that are not based on the separation that we cannot do this or have the authority to do this, because we really have all the authority of heaven itself.

    I will provide some more links at the bottom but I am going to end it here. I suggest an immediate reconciliation by the higher orders of this community and of your inner communities by where you live to unity on new and higher levels of conversational service. I call it service because conversations I believe have been throughout the centuries the number one leading effect into higher technologies and thought systems.

    It is high time my friends of freedom to begin the higher work some of us were called to do before we came to earth, and I am just allowing mySelf to type for me as I know it is him and heaven that work in conjunction with the people who are willing to going beyond our current self-world-view. Duality Consciousness is facing its last throws upon this planet and soon before the countries of the world knows it, there will be a shaking in the sands of the consciousness of unreality everyone that may amass in some more rather unpleasant circumstances to what some may believe is so, but is actually very needed to awaken the Truth out of people to the Life of Source or God.

    With all this being said, I expect no direct responses to me to create something together, but surely that will make more advancement of our ranks of divine love to continue the synchronicity of the divine plan into the many hearts and many nations across this world. I salute all your efforts and leave with you the experience that comes from the ONE Mind of Source that everyone can tap into if they are so willing to let their eye be single.

    It is time to build the permanent foundations of the Community my Brothers and Sisters, and I am not just talking online beloved friends, I am talking inside the homes of our living sanctuaries so that the multiplication of sacred geometry and the spiritual impetus of the Spirit of Heaven may fill this world quicker than than what time can ever conceive of.

    I bid you a warm and cold farewell to compliment the idea that neither pain nor pleasure is real to the God Self that dwells in us. For it is the Push to Freedom beyond comfortability without attachment that will lower the Golden Age into Manifestation.

    -With the Spirit of the Founding Fathers

    I am your brother Gabriel, my hands are open.

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