The Power of Surrender

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    Hello Wonderful Being made of Life!!

    First, much love and light in your Life, and within You!

    Now, today, I’m going to share with you a wonderful idea I had with my experience in a situation was going through.
    Well, maybe you’re having thoughts that you don’t like anymore. Maybe you are taking the same actions over and over again, even knowing that those actions are not changing the results. Maybe you’re having feelings you don’t want to feel anymore. Maybe you’re in a situation you don’t want to be in anymore. And maybe you’ve been fighting against them for so long. Maybe you feel tired of such a fight. I understand. I had been in a similar situation. And what I realized was that I was so tired I just chose to GIVE UP fighting. And, in that moment, everything suddenly stopped. My thoughts stopped. My feelings of sadness stopped. I decided to surrender myself of that fight. I realized that fighting agaisnt a thought, a feeling, a behaviour, a situation is fighting agaisnt a part of yourself. Because, you see, thoughts are our creations, the same as with feelings, behaviours, and situations. They are a part of us, of our creation. So, fighting agaisnt a feeling, for example, is merely fighting against a part of yourself. So, it’s something like “fire vs. fire”. Who’s gonna win?
    Most people may have afraid to surrender because of the thought that “we should never give up”, “we must keep trying”, “show no mercy”, “giving up means that you’re weak”, “don’t let them win”, etc, etc. And so, we think unconsciously that we should keep fighting agaisnt those creations of our own. Well, from my experience, I understood that surrender is more powerful. And no, those feelings or those thoughts, or whatever it is your creation are not going to take power over you. Once you throw away your sword and your shield, your creation will sigh from relief. Don’t be afraid of surrender, don’t be afraid of kneeling in front of your creation. You’re not doing that in a way of “humiliation”, but in a way of HONOR. Honor your creation. Peacefully, kneel in front of them. Imagine you’re kneeling in front of them, if that helps you. Honoring your creations is honoring a part of you. And don’t be afraid to surrender. Don’t be afraid to tell the Universe/Life/God (they’re all synonymous), that you surrender, that you, NOW, are going to give It your entire Life, your entire Self. Just surrender, and you’ll find the peace, the happiness, the love that has always been within you.

    But, after reading this, whatever you choose to do it or not, know that I love us unconditionally. How couldn’t I love Beings just as amazing as we are?

    Namaste Light,
    Sónia Ferreira


    I’m grateful. Thank you, Sonia. Love that.



    Thank you! I’m glad you feel that about it!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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