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    Hello everyone!

    First, I want to wish you all much love, peace and faith.

    Now, I would like to share with you an idea about our relationship with our bodies. I think most people take the body for “guaranteed”, because of the way we see our body. Most people just see it as a kind of a machine who works day and night, who digests what we eat and drink, who allows us to walk, breath, sleep, move, etc. But, imagine that your body is not a machine, but instead, it’s another Being. How would you treat it? I believe you would treat it with kindness, passion, love, affection. Of course, you don’t need to see it as another Being to treat it like that. But, just imagine that your body is not really a “body”, but a soul who’s “carrying” you, so to say. A soul which mission is to have this specific shape, in order to allow other souls, the “human souls”, to experience this life in this planet. Of course, you have the power to dissociate from your body, I mean, you’re not even really your body. The point is, maybe, just maybe, we’re not looking at our bodies as they really are. Maybe, just maybe, they’re not really bodies, but souls with this specific shape. Maybe, just maybe, our bodies are also Beings connected to other Beings (again, the “human souls”) so we can have the oportunity to experience whatever we are experiencing right now, in our life (and with animals and plants, for example, the situation would be the same).

    How do you feel about that? What do you see when you’re looking at your body?

    And don’t forget, the shape of our body is chosen by us. We chose the body we have right now, the body which we were born with. And, as you admit this, you allow yourself to change its shape, you have the power to do that. But, ask yourself, why would you want to change anything in your body? Remember, you are perfect just the way you are. I don’t need to look at you with my eyes to see that. And you don’t need it either. And if you saw your body as a Being, as Perfection, as a Being who, in team with you, chose this exactly shape, what would change within you? What would change in the relationship you have with your body? What experiences would you want for both of you to have?

    Just remember, you are marvellous just as you are, as you were and as you’ll become.


    Sónia Ferreira

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