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    Sure. God will definitely save humanity from itself. All we have to do is let Him. All we have to do is create space for Her. All we have to do is invite God to move through us, as us, and in us, as we take action to change our lives and save our world.

    See, here’s the deal. God is not separate from us. God is not a Super Being in the sky deciding how life is going to go for all of us down here in Earth. God is not the Great Puppet Master pulling our strings, or a Marvelous Magician waiting to pull the next rabbit out of the hat.

    WE are the magicians! Only we are magicians who have forgotten our own tricks. We don’t even know that we are creating the world around us. We think these things are happening TO us. We’ve forgotten that they are happening THROUGH us.

    Yet now is the time of our remembering. Now is the time of our maturing. Now is the time of our advancement. As a species, I mean. As the collective called “humanity.” And as we advance in our Awareness, we slowly but surely remember Who We Really Are. And then, with courage, we step into that True Identity.

    We are Individuations of The Divine. We are Singularizations of The Singularity. We are, each of us, waves on the Ocean of God. Not separate from God in any way. Not “other than” God at any level. We are simply (and amazingly) God, expressing in individual form, through individual actions, arising out of individual choices, emerging from individual ideas that we hold about ourselves, about Life — and yes, about God.

    The actions, choices, and ideas that produced the events in Paris on Nov. 13 invite us once again to ponder the most significant question facing humanity in the 21st Century: Is this who we really are? Is this who we really choose to be? If so, why? If not, why not?

    No one — that is, no world leader, no global spiritual figure — is responding to the Paris events (or the many other tragic and terrifying, life-taking events that have taken place in locations around the world over the past many months) by getting to the heart of the matter. No one with a global voice is using that voice to invite our species to drive to the root of the problem. No one of worldwide influence is inviting us to seriously explore the basis of our collective dysfunction.

    It’s going to take a “bottom-up” energy to invite that. It’s going to take a grass roots movement to produce that. And it’s going to take…well, an Evolution Revolution…to change and to save our world.

    Yes, God can, and will, save us from ourselves — on the day, and in the moment, that we realize that WE are the God creating our present reality, and that WE are the Being Divine, manifesting collectively and acting individually, who has the power and the ability to transform our present reality, turning it into whatever we choose. The question is, do we have the will?

    Here’s the deal: The God that most people think of as “God” has no intention of imposing any particular outcome on us. The gift that Divinity has bestowed on us in the most magnificent gift in the Universe: Free Will. The God that most people think of as “God” is not the God of Ultimate Reality. The God that most people think of as “God” is a God of our imagining.

    (You may find it beneficial to read a book that has been produced about this, titled God’s Message to the World: You’ve got me all wrong. It could just be the most important book you will ever read.)

    The God of Ultimate Reality — the Source and the Origin and the Power and the Energy of All Life in the Universe — has no specific need regarding the outcome of events in the cosmos, but only a desire to see All Of Itself express the Nature of All Of Itself and the Power of All Of Itself to manifest in physical form the choices freely made by every individual Aspect of Itself.

    These choices are being made consciously or unconsciously by all sentient beings in the Universe. And we are facing a Moment of Choice right now on Earth. The Evolution Revolution has been created as one way in which you might activate your choice about who you are and who you choose to be, as well as who we as a species are, and who we choose collectively to be.

    I invite you to join us now, if you are not already a member of this global spiritual activism outreach.


    All we have to do is let Him. All we have to do is create space for Her. All we have to do is invite God to move through us, as us, and in us, as we take action to change our lives and save our world.

    I’m just reading “A Course in Miracles” and yes, this is His message. Let Him show us through us what it means to be the light.

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    Neale this is powerful… all that you have written on the Paris attacks have had an effect on me of being able to exhale.  And I also encourage everyone to read God’s Message to the World: You’ve got me all wrong.  In our weekly book discussion group that meets on Sundays, we had a very powerful call yesterday. Ironically (or not), we were discussing chapter 14, Another Misunderstanding about God: God is at war with the Devil, and that’s how all this began. We actually have discussed this chapter for two weeks in a row because it is so thick with information.  And since the first week’s discussion on Chapter 14, the Paris attacks happened.  Naturally Paris came into the discussion after we re-read the last few pages of the chapter. There were powerful questions raised, emotionally charged comments from tears to frustration and heartfelt support.  Some on the call were feeling very disconnected from the divine while others were doing their best to stay centered.

    These are tough times, but as you point out, Neale:

    Yes, God can, and will, save us from ourselves — on the day, and in the moment, that we realize that WE are the God creating our present reality, and that WE are the Being Divine, manifesting collectively and acting individually, who has the power and the ability to transform our present reality, turning it into whatever we choose. The question is, do we have the will?

    Even though, I admit, I have felt fear and great sadness these past few days, I do have the will.

    Thank you, Neale, for who you are and being here.


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    Agreed, Angelika.



    I thought, God Needs nothing, wants nothing, ….I am confused….are we not creators? So for whom shall we make space now? And why? Shall we not rather go over to start to create? Aren’t we doing that anyway through every thought and Feeling? For me I decided to look for the greater Picture, what is Happening at the Moment and the plans behind  and step out of the game NOW…it is so obvious and still People cannot imagine, that it could be true…..also possible, that it is not necessary to find out all of that, because it es everything else than funny and beyond any imagination; anyhow for me it Begins to be amusing and with the help of CwG in my blood/brain/heart I am prepared and start to take Action….i pretend, i am creator and make my own game LOL, write my book of positive aspects every morning, as Long as it flows out of my mind to each subject, which Comes to my mind. i took this idea from the Abraham teachings and hope, that i do not disturb neale with this comment. i believe, we should seriously make use of the knowledge of the universal law, we all know about or start to study the NOW….or isn’t it 5 to 12 yet???? One Love

    AvatarSpiritual Annie

    I’ve not felt that there was a “big guy in the sky” type God controlling things since I was a kid. Even then, he was an angry, vengeful God because, like many, I imagined him much like my own father.

    People accuse us of trying to sell the world on a kinder, gentler, but still Judeo-Christian, God. I’m not entirely sure why, or where that comes from, when what is clearly stated throughout CwG is that we are God.

    I have a friend who can feel the energies of the animals and plants around her. I’m not as “in tune” as that unless I focus, or until the energy is so high I feel bombarded by it.

    This is how I felt after 9/11, which is the last contact with the last family member who hadn’t turned their back on me. I felt so much grieving that she believed I was doing it “for attention.”

    It is how I feel now.

    Terrorists don’t terrify me, or make me angry. They make me want to understand what it is that’s hurt them so much that they turn to terror as a result.

    No matter what happens, God always prevails because God is us. If only more of us understood that.

    And that is why I belong to EvoRevo.

    Thank you, the God in all of us, for helping us see that we are not powerless in the face of terrorism.


    I hear the invitation. I am open to the invitation. I am hear with you all, ready to help in any way possible. Historically, the figures we have come to know of God, or close to God have all this convoluted junk around the original message. We are all equal. We are all one. We are all manifestations of divinity. I have been through a lot to come to this revelation within. I will do my part, and emulate it from very essence of my being.

    I will keep reading the books and walking the journey. It is all just footprints up and down the mountain anyways.

    I try to act all enlightened, but I cry when I think of people being hurt. I look at my children and cannot imagine what I would do if a tragedy such as this were to befall them. I think of the mothers, fathers, and children whom this has happened to. I am willing to be an evolution revolution member and do my part in the world. So when my kids are grown, and their kids are grown. We may pass on a better world.

    I love you all. Thank you for being here. Thank you to Neale for your love and commitment. . .


    AvatarJulian Palm Springs

    Yes but we must do the work ❤️


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    In the last 125 years our world has gotten smaller and since the Internet is has really gotten small. There is no longer any doubt that we are all connected and when enough of us stand together as One and let the immature small frightened part of the One know that you are not separate from life, indeed you are life then the part of humanity’s personality that functions at the level of fear can be integrated into the Heart. Reaction, adversity and an eye for an eye thinking keep us locked in a paradigm that is dangerously dysfunctional. Whatever we need to do I am up for the challenge and I will never give up on humanity. There is no going back, change happens so why resist the mystery called Life on a beautiful blue marble in space named Earth? When children and adults know the power of their breath and the power of their belief miracles happen. I came from an dysfunctional single parent family and at six my little self was walking to the beach and talking to God as I did a lot and God said “I know this is not an easy childhood but hang in and keep loving life and please believe me when I tell you your life’s partner is here and he is very funny.” Jump forward 18 years and I met Scott and indeed he is very funny and we have spent 38 mostly happy years together. Dreams do come true when you believe. Turns out Scott had the same dream at six. Currently I am taking part in Deepak and Oprah’s 21 day meditation on Belief and I can clearly see that humanity has gotten God all wrong. Thank you Neale and thank you to all the teachers who shine the Light. The Light is getting brighter and more and more are standing together in the Truth of Unity.


    When I left the fundamentalist Christian church, one of the things I missed the most was “God as my savior.” It felt lonely and even terrifying to be in a world where I had to reimagine my dad in the sky who took care of me. I now look at it as spiritual adulthood. I must experience safety within my self rather than look to a savior. I must find the divinity in me. That power is beyond any earthly power and it’s worth the wait, worth the sorrow, worth the effort.

    My heart has been in pain these past few days as I watched the suffering of so many. And in this pain, I am grateful for the reminder that I as Divinity can respond as Divinity. Thank you Neale for bringing forward this truth. We ARE the Ones we’ve been waiting for.


    God is everything. So what does he/she must save?
    We are Gods and beatiful Idea called life reveals it self in a way that we want. We are witnessing moment of truth, as we always did. But now in more aware state of mind.
    When I close my eyes I AM silent presence and when I open them I AM manifestation of my creation. So there is no good or bad. God is Infinite in everything we can Imagine and he/she is taking apsolute good care about every thought that arise in any head on this earth. Our buissnes is only to tell that is true. And when that universal truth becomes clear to lot of personalyities around everything will be the way we want. ONENESS
    Evolution revolution is remarkable Idea.


    Today just couldnt have happened…. Reading alll of this through a beautiful creation of sequences isnt just to be…. It already was there ! Existing waiting to unfurl it , to try not being a cattepillar did tbe butterfly become what she is …

    am glad such a place exists where my feelings will find its glory…

    may we help moving into paradise….


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