Many people are “on board” with the purpose and the intent of the Evolution Revolution, but they don’t know what they can do, specifically, within their community of family and friends to get the energy really moving.

My answer is to start simple conversations with people everywhere, and engage the EvoRevo energy by working into those conversations a series of thought-provoking questions:

  1. Is the world the way it is today okay with you?
  2. Is your life the way it is today okay with you?
  3. You may not think there is any that you can affect or change the way the world is today, but if you thought there was…would you do it?
  4. You may not think there is any that you can affect or change the way your life is today, but if you thought there was…would you do it?
  5. Would you be interested in sitting down with two or three other folks once or twice a month to talk about this, and maybe explore what might be able to be done?

The key to empowering the Evolution Revolution is conversation. Nothing can be more powerful — and every revolution in the world has begun with somebody having a conversation with somebody else.

And here’s what’s interesting: Not every conversation has to involve you, directly. That is, you can be the instigator of conversations in which you do not participate, but which you generate.

Not the least of these are the conversations that people have with themselves.

All of us are conversing with ourselves all the time. There’s not a one of us who does not do it. The question is, what are we talking with ourselves about?

Are we musing about how we can get the guy, get the girl, get the car, get the job, get the spouse, get the kids, get the house, get the better car, get the better job, get the better spouse, etc.? Or are we exploring with ourselves our most sacred and dearly held beliefs, and the role they play in our lives?

Conversations with God tells us that “beliefs create behaviors,” and this is demonstrably true. It also is, therefore, critical.

Every single thing we do is based on a belief that we hold. All of our actions are foundationed in thoughts that we embrace about the outcomes those actions will produce. And those thoughts are deeply rooted in the beliefs that sponsored them.

Now you might say, “This is not true. My thoughts about outcomes are not based on beliefs, but on knowledge, arising out of actual experience. If I know something, that is far different from believing something.” Yet what is the generator of one’s knowledge? What produces one’s experience? Is it not the belief that one held the very first time one attempted to produce any particular outcome?

If you believe that what you are doing will produce the outcome you desire, do not the chances of the desired outcome occurring increase exponentially? Conversely, if you do not believe that some action will produce a particular outcome, do not the chances of the desired outcome occurring decrease?

Proponents of The Power of Positive Thinking will tell you this is true in spades. There is no doubt in their Mind that this is true. And because there is no doubt in their Mind that this is true, it turns out to be true an extraordinarily high percentage of the time—proving the maxim maximally.

Yet if one’s experience is based upon the belief of others, is that not a form of Belief By Extension? Is this not exactly what we have done when it comes to God?

I tell you that humanity’s beliefs about God have produced humanity’s experiences of itself. For we use our beliefs about God as justification for creating the experiences of humanity that we are creating. Even those who do not believe in God are widely impacted and deeply affected by those who do. For those who do — those who hold as sacred an understanding that there is a Higher Power — comprise by far the largest percentage of the world’s people…and it would be foolhardy to suggest that the minority is not affected by the majority, particularly when the majority’s actions so heavily influence, and shape the minority’s life experience.

A clear example of this is the simple noticement of how many of the civil laws of our civilization are based upon understandings and beliefs found in Canon Law or Sharia Law, causing millions of people who may have no belief in God or Allah at all to be nevertheless affected by the mandates said to have proceeded from Divinity.

Indeed, our understandings about our Deity have become our Moral Authority supporting countless choices, actions, and decisions — even including atrocities that, if perpetrated on us by someone else, we would label immoral.

We declare with impunity that when we commit these atrocities in the name of a Higher Power, they are absolutely moral and correct, but that when others do the same things to us, they are immoral and subject to God’s punishment and retribution. And we fail to see the contradiction.

What is required to change our lives and to change our world is to change our beliefs. First, our beliefs about who and what God is. Second, our beliefs about what God wants and requires. And third, our beliefs about ourselves and others, our relationship to God, life itself, including its reason, purpose, and function.

That is why I am asking everyone of you to participate on June 12 in this month’s Evolution Revolution Awakening Day activity, in which we will each act as Stealth Spiritual Messengers, “accidentally” leaving a copy of GOD’S MESSAGE TO THE WORLD: You’ve Got Me All Wrong in coffee shops and hair styling salons, gyms and airports, and train stations and parks all over the world.

If you have read this book, you know that it is one of the most revolutionary spiritual texts of our time. At the very least, the back cover alone causes people to stop and think; to perhaps have a spontaneous conversation with themselves.

And the book, as you know, in its last paragraphs invites people to join Humanity’s Team and participate actively in the Evolution Revolution. It is the most powerful “calling card” that we could have. So I’m going to ask and invite you again: Please obtain and leave a copy of this text somewhere where others will find it as your special way of joining in the Action Plan on June 12, to produce a gentle revolution in the way humanity thinks about and understands God — and, therefore, experiences life on Earth.

June 12th is Leave “God’s Message to the World” Somewhere Day.

You can obtain a copy here:

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