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Hello, Friends. I have a big question….it seems like nobody around me is interested in the CWG stuff….I’ve distributed a lot of the “1000 Words” sheet and asked them for feedback, but nobody has given me a real feedback by themselves. I’m engaged with CWG since 15 years….sometimes it’s really frustrating that only a few People are interesed in God… what shall I do? Sincerely, Karlheinz Kohler.


Here is my reply. It contains a good point, I believe, for all of us to absorb…

Thanks for posting your question. It’s a good one.  I don’t think the real challenge here is to try to talk to people who do not seem to be interested in God by using another word in place of the word God. I think the opportunity here is to, at the first level, form a network with people who DO want to talk about God…and who, in many cases, already agree with the messages of CWG.

Do you know that millions of people have read the CWG books? If all we did was reach and activate THOSE people (and they are in every community and every city on Earth), we would suddenly have a huge, huge Team (you might even call it “Humanity’s Team!”) — which could then really create some outcomes on this planet.

So the question is, how to ignite and inspire those who are already feeling the way you feel…but who think they are “the only ones out there,” and so they are discouraged, and giving up.

That’s why we created the Evolution Revolution…and it looks like you are already on the team! Several thousand already are as well. If you have not registered here — and if you agree with what we are engaged in here — please do so now. We are now putting plans into place for a very active year in the rest of 2015. So stay close to this website.

We suggest you Bookmark this website, and pay particular attention to the  Messages from Neale column in the lower portion of the Home Page. There you will find important updates on just what is happening, and when. We hope you’ll become an important and active member of the Evolution Revolution.

Offered lovingly…Neale.

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