A registered member of the Evolution Revolution global movement who is also part of our leadership team, Marion Johnson, posted this note to me a few days ago…

So Neale, my question is: What is going to happen if critical mass is reached? What will we be doing, how are we going to create the world we choose to have? Or will it happen by itself, just because we choose it?

When we reach Critical Mass, Marion, millions of people around the world will know in their hearts that during the first period of humanity’s evolution — the period just ended — we simply misunderstood the nature of God, the purpose and the process of life, and…



who we are in relationship to God and to each other.

The huge number of people who will know this will cause this awareness to spread, because once any energy reaches what physicists call “critical mass,” that energy spreads rapdily to and through all physical matter and all physical beings within any localized area, until the energy dissipates.

Energy is a phenomenon that affects energy itself. In other words, all energy is self-impacting, in what could be called a feedback loop. So when millions of people arrive at the knowing that our understandings about God and Life have been mistaken, that awareness will spread like spilled water absorbed by a paper towel. In effect, the knowledge of what errors we have made in our thinking about God will “spill” over into the total human community.

When this critical level of energy “spillover” is reached, groups and agencies, churches and government institutions around the world will begin to rapidly change their policies, decisions, and actions to reflect humanity’s new understanding.

I think a good example of this in our present time is the example of marriage equality. Fifty years ago gay marriage could not even be thought of in most countries and cultures. Today we are reaching Critical Mass in our understanding that it is as Friendship with God has told us: “There is no way and no form in which the expression of love that is pure and true is inappropriate.” As that energy has expanded, more and more states and governments have legalized gay marriage, and granted all the legal rights that heterosexual couples enjoy to same-gender married couples.

The spread of this legalization process has occurred exponentially. That is, not in a 1-2-3-4 progression, but in a 2-4-8-16-32 ratio. In other words, very fast.

The result of this process as it relates to our understandings about God and about Life is that the priorities of our corporations and businesses will change. The priorities of our governments will change. The priorities of our religions will change. And, indeed, the priorities of people everywhere—of individuals—will change.

You’ve asked, “How are we going to create the world we choose to have?” Then you prophetically answered your own question. Yes, it will “happen by itself,” as more and more people come to new understandings of the kind of world that we DO choose — and spontaneously join together in powerful collaborations that will create it.

As individual behaviors change, group behaviors will follow. Just as more and more individuals around the world began seeing clearly that no harm, and only good, is done by allowing people of the same gender who love each other to be married has led to entire states and societies deciding to legalize gay marriage, so, too, will changing individual behaviors in other areas generate group decisions and collective choices that will affect and alter laws, mores, and customs surrounding all manner of societal interactions.

No longer will the world’s priority be profit, Profit, PROFIT. Our decisions as a species will no longer revolve around money. Indeed, money itself may even disappear as a medium of exchange. And peoples’ worth will nevermore be measured by how much money they have, but by what they are willing to share of their gifts and talents, skills and abilities, with the world.

The idea of “punishment” — and certainly of Capital Punishment — will disappear as well. Currently we call our prisons Correctional Facilities. But they are not “correctional” at all. They are simply punitive. So we should call them Punitive Facilities.

The reality of a society split into the Have’s and the Have-Not’s will no longer be part of Earthly life, either.

  Conversations with God-Book 3 offers a lengthy description of what life will be like in the Days of the New Spirituality, as created and lived by Highly Evolved Beings (HEBs), and how things can and will be when human beings are highly evolved. You might find it insightful and enjoyable to read this, especially the last third of the book which deals directly with this subject.

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