In 1976 I played the role of John Adams in a local production of the Broadway musical 1776.  This is the story of the American revolution, and midway through the show the character of John Adams sings a powerful song in which the following lines appear:

“Is anybody there? Does anybody care? Does anybody see what I see?”

I remember when I sang those lines before audiences of hundreds how moved I was at the plaintive cry of the man who spearheaded a revolution that would eventually change the lives of millions. What I could never have known is how I, myself, would find those lines…

…holding uncanny significance in my own life nearly 40 year later.

Today I find myself asking the same questions that the character I portrayed in a stage play nearly half a century ago called out to the ether:

Is anybody there? Does anybody care? Does anybody see what I see?

On the 12th of April — just a few days ago — I invited all of the wonderful participants in The Evolution Revolution to join me in a dramatic,  action-oriented outreach that could double our membership virtually overnight. I asked if each of us could recruit just one new person to join with us in a mission to alter the face of the world, bringing the possibility of peace at last to our planet by creating a revolutionary change in our collective beliefs.

I reasoned that if each of our (then) 3,989 or so members could share our goal with just a handful of their friends and family members, surely we could turn 4,000 names into 8,000 names on our Registered Member rolls in the blink of an eye.

To me this seemed like a relatively simple task; an easily obtainable goal. For some of us, it would mean simply talking about it to a person across our dinner table, or across the pillow.  Others of us might find themselves reaching out to their adult children, or their extended family, or personal friends, or close colleagues at work. But surely it would not be difficult to find at least one other person who thinks as we do, who shares our commitment to personal, spiritual, and global evolution, and who would be willing to stand with us in moving forward what would certainly be seen as one of humanity’s most important agendas.

Yet it appears that under a dozen people out of nearly 4,000 have been able to generate this outcome; have been able to produce even one other person in their coterie of family and friends who would stand with them in this global movement.

Now mind you, I am not making anyone ‘wrong’ here. I put that in boldface type so no one could miss it. This is not about suggesting anything negative about any one of our current registered members. Rather, it is about registering my shock that so few other people seem to care about their own personal evolution and the evolution of our species — or, perhaps more tellingly, seem to feel that an outreach like The Evolution Revolution can do much to assist in either process.

One person posted on the EvoRevo Facebook page that she had contacted 15 friends and family, and that many said that would do what they could to assist her in this new interest and endeavor of hers, but that they did not wish to sign up as registered members, preferring to remain anonymous.

Reading this I posted the following response…

“Thank you for sharing about what your 15 friends and family members have said about preferring to remain anonymous. You may wish to remind them of this: All it takes for the world to lose its struggle for peace, justice, kindness and love is for a few good people to say nothing out loud. Anonymity is the enemy of change. Only voices that can be identified can expect to be heard. And only voices that can be heard can expect to have any power.”

The idea behind doubling our numbers is to double our impact. If The Evolution Revolution can present itself to the world as a Social/Spiritual Activism Outreach with a large number of members around the world, its voice will be heard.

Is it possible that less than a dozen people out of nearly 4,000 could find one other person who agrees with the purpose and the potential of The Evolution Revolution sufficiently that they might be inspired to join us in our intention? Or that only 12 people out of all the people that we jointly know have the personal courage to not require anonymity in order to help create an Evolution Revolution on our planet?

If that is true, it says all we need to know about how and why this world has found itself in the state that it’s in today. And we might as well close up shop, yes?

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