It’s been a while since I’ve had a presence here, so I wanted to check in and give you an update on how things have been going since my open-heart surgery Nov. 1.

It turns out that I needed a quintuple bypass, as most of the major arteries to my heart contained significant blockages. I am happy to say that I tolerated the procedure very well, and was actually sent home from the hospital five days later — which is much sooner than I expected.

It is now one-month post-op as I write this, and my life is back to normal. I have been up and around and out of my at-home hospital bed for 10 days now, and have been cleared to drive again. The doctors tell me that my recovery is ahead of schedule, in terms of what most patients experience, and I am very grateful.

I have just put the finishing touches on the final editing of the latest CWG dialogue book, Conversations with God-Book 4: Awaken the Species, to be released in March by Rainbow Ridge Books. The text offers an open invitation to members of the human race who feel they are ready to “self select” to be among those who feel they would like to move forward their own evolutionary process by doing whatever they can to help awaken our species.

This is the Perfect Time for Our Advancement, God tells humanity in this new dialogue, and in it we are given a list of 16 differences between how Highly Evolved Beings in the Universe live and the way human beings have constructed life here on Earth. We are also offered detailed notes on how we can integrate those ways of being into our everyday life, should we choose to.

It’s an exciting and unexpected dialogue, and I’m hoping its contents will be seen as being very useful in the Evolution Revolution movement. In the meantime, let me offer my thanks to the many of you who sent me prayers and good energies following my surgery.

Lovingly, Neale.

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