A person posting here as Reema Thunderbolt has offered a suggestion that could wonderfully enhance the value of being a Registered Member of the Evolution Revolution. Said Reema:

“We must strengthen the bonds we share. I mean, there’s a reason why our members are not that active right? So, how can we know? This could be an assumption, but I believe everyone is facing critical personal challenges and may be feeling quite alone, too, in their difficulties. My question is: Is it possible for the EvoRevo to be a place where we can come together and share our very real challenges, and work with each other in living them through heartfully?

I would love it if . . .

. . . we can actually (and we are very well placed for that) make this space a space where all of us can practice being part of a GLOBAL EARTH FAMILY. We have a phrase here in India for this —: Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam — and it’s something I truly believe in and work towards day in and day out.

So, my lovely global family members, What do you say? How can we make each other feel at home on earth? And how can we allow the best of each other to shine forth and support each other on our respective unique paths in partnership?”

I think this can be a very supportive aspect of the Evolution Revolution and I propose that we create that right here. So let’s form the Global Earth Family right now, and we can meet here on a regular basis.

Please use this unique space in whatever way serves you in the process of sharing and supporting as we work together to move our global mission forward and advance individually in our own soul’s evolution.

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