My dear companion Revolutionaries…

As many of you may know by now, the Evolution Revolution is declaring the 12th day of every month “Awakening Day” — a chance every 30 days for us to join together in collective action to move forward our agenda of spiritual revolution on the earth.

It has become clear in these most recent years that the ideas that many, many humans hold about God, and the moral codes that have arisen among billions within our species as a result of these thoughts about what God wants and expects, commands and demands, are dysfunctional. That is, they don’t work. The proof is


in the pudding. Our ancient ideas have not produced the outcomes that we say we want for ourselves—and that most of humanity asserts that God desires for us.

Thus, the evidence suggests, we have believed in a God who cannot seem to get what He wants—and whose moral code has not brought us what we say we want: Peace, Joy, Freedom, Love, Sufficiency, and the End of Suffering for all of humanity.

The reason we have been unable to produce such outcomes for any but the tiniest percentage of us is that the Code of Conduct that billions of humans have adopted precludes it. This, despite the fact that the majority of humans declare their Code of Conduct to be based upon the Word of God.

The fact is that the Word of God, as billions of people understand and declare it, has been held up for centuries (and is being used to this moment) as the Moral Authority justifying—indeed, mandating—many of humanity’s negative, violent, self-defeating and self-destructive behaviors.

Clearly, the time for a spiritual revolution has arrived, for the ancient and continuing behaviors of humanity are now threatening our very survival.

California is said to have one year’s supply of water left, so bereft has been the snowfall in its mountains, even as the icebergs of Alaska melt before our eyes and the global sea level rises and our human activity produces global warming—and we say that spiritual values have nothing to do with that.

Over 650 children are dying of starvation every hour on this planet—and we say that spiritual values have nothing to do with that.

A quarter of humanity lives today without electricity, while 2.6 billion people do not have simple, basic indoor sanitation. This, in the year 2015. And we say that spiritual values have nothing to do with that.

People are being killed right and left in our world over their religious beliefs—hundreds every day, thousands every week—and we say that spiritual values have nothing to do with that.

Something like 5% of the world’s population holds or controls 95% of the world’s wealth and resources, while billions languish is poverty and despair—and we say that spiritual values have nothing to do with that.

As long as we deny that the spiritual values of billions have something to do, at least in part, with the dismal conditions of life on Earth today, we will never be able to elevate our species to its grandest potential.

Yet the Evolution Revolution is not only about global conditions and circumstances. It is about the condition and circumstances of our own lives. Of our own hearts. Of our individual spirit. Is it uplifted, expanded, overjoyed with the experience of our days and nights? Or does it feel burdened, fearful, filled with angst and engulfed in loneliness? Is humanity—individually and collectively—feeling hopeful or despairing?

Look around. Not just in Beverly Hills. Not just in Monaco. Not just in Shanghai or Seoul, Osaka or Oslo. Look around in Monrovia. Or in Conakry. Or Antananarivo. Do we see a population that is radiant and rapturous or anxious and angry?

The answer is obvious—and it is equally obvious that it doesn’t have to be this way. But what it will take for things to change, individually and collectively, is a change in our Cultural Story. A change in our fundamental ideas about Life and its Purpose, Divinity and its Requirements, Humanity and its Identity.

We are not separate entities, running around trying to get our survival needs met, and having to kill or hurt each other in order to do so. Divinity is not demanding, commanding, judging, condemning, and punishing. Life is not a random series of events over which there is no possibility of control, much less intentioned creation.

Yet we have been taught these things and told these things, over and over again, directly and indirectly, by our community and our culture. And the only thing that can change this is a turning away from the ancient stories we have been telling ourselves about ourselves for countless generations. This turning away is a revolving, a shifting away from, what is simply not—and has never been—true. It is a revolution in our thinking, producing at last a new direction in the evolution of our species.

It is an Evolution Revolution.

And it needs you. Active. Involved. Committed. Right now.

Our goal is 10,000 of you by year’s end. That’s just under a thousand new members of month. And that’s doable—with your help. And what are we going to do when we reach that 10,000 mark? Ah, yes…that’s where it gets interesting.

We’re going to begin to change the world.

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